Publication:JeffersonCity; Date:Feb 3, 2011; Section:Weather News; Page Number:4


Area residents have begun to dig out from Tuesday’s snowstorm as Ann Claypool does here. Wednesday brought with it some sunshine, which helped with snow removal. Julie Smith/News Tribune

Jason Jordan, owner of Mortimer Kegley’s on HIgh Street, shovels snow outside his business just after 10 a.m. Tuesday. His was one of just a few downtown businesses open Tuesday. Gerry Tritz/News Tribune

John Reutter with the Jefferson City Street Department works to unclog the salt spinner in between plow runs Wednesday. Ben Yarnell/News Tribune

Amelia Veloios, 13, rides her sled standing up down the hill in her front yard Wednesday afternoon. Ben Yarnell/News Tribune

A California resident digs out of the snow as City of California Water and Wastewater superintendent Kyle Wirts uses a tractor to pull a truck out of the driveway. Porcshe Moran/News Tribune

Residents on Deardane Drive, just south of Jefferson City, pooled their shovels and energy as they helped clean driveways. They also helped one resident dig out from around his car so he could get it the rest of the way to his house. Julie Smith/News Tribune

Chris Abel and Sarah Burbee walk in the blizzard on Tuesday afternoon. Stephen Brooks/News Tribune

ABOVE: A bobcat removes snow at Jefferson City Fire Station 1 on Tuesday. Stephen Brooks/News Tribune

A motorist travels along High Street late Tuesday night. Crews were out cleaning streets late after the storm finally let up. Gary Castor/News Tribune

California was buried in snow on Wednesday. Porcshe Moran/News Tribune

Snow removal was a big job Wednesday at the state lots along Missouri Boulevard near the Truman building. Stephen Brooks/News Tribune

Two lumps of snow hide cars under them Wednesday on West High Street. Stephen Brooks/News Tribune

High winds blew the snow off the roof of this storage facility late Tuesday morning. Northerly winds and heavy snow blanketed nearly the entire state, with some receiving more ice and sleet than this area. Julie Smith/News Tribune

Despite, cleared sidewalks, downtown was not busy Wednesday along High Street as many business were still closed. Stephen Brooks/News Tribune

Drivers braved the blizzard-like conditions with very low visibility to persevere to their destinations Tuesday. Minimal tractor-trailer traffic was slow and steady down the hills and wide turns of U.S. 54, although several tractor trailers had to be towed Tuesday and Wednesday after becoming stuck in the snow. Julie Smith/News Tribune

Quiet streets won’t give way to outside diners for quite some time in downtown Jefferson City. Gary Castor/News Tribune